Nowadays, production of wines around the world is very wide. Many different countries have their own varieties of wines that vary in taste, appearance and color. Most of the widely produced varieties of wines are red, white, sparkling, rose, orange, fortified, and dessert wines.

There are over hundreds of varieties of grape produced to make a wine. Yet, wines are not just made with grapes. There are wines which are made with rice, plum, and other fruit wines. Wines may vary on the amount of alcohol content depending on the desired alcohol percentage that a person wants to have.

Liquor and wine are usually drunk at occasions to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even just a simple dinner with your loved ones. Yet, how can you enjoy your wine if it is already spoiled? Well, wine faults or defects usually occur when a poor practice of wine making is done or if the storage conditions of wines were not followed. Sometimes, wine concentrations also result in wine spoil.

Before drinking wines at any occasions or when serving wines, you must know how you will be able to find out if the wine is spoiled or has defects. Through inspecting the wine, you will be able to avoid drinking or serving the spoiled wines and may save you from drinking bad wines. Here are the ways for you to know in order for you to find out if the wine is spoiled.

1. Smell the aroma of the wine.

  • Smelling the aroma of the wines is probably one of the most effective ways in order to find out if the wine is spoiled. If the smell of the wine is like a burnt rubber or cooked cabbage then it is spoiled. Sometimes a spoiled wine would smell like vinegar or a nail polish remover. After pouring wine in a glass, you need to shake the wine a bit and smell it if it has an unusual odor. If this happens, you may ask the waiter to replace your wine or if the wine comes from your home then you must throw it away instead.

2. Looking at the wine color.

  • The color of the wine may vary according to the variants that you have chosen. Most variants or wines are usually red, white rosy, orangey, or a bit sparkling. But how are you going to know if the color of the wine is not right? Well, looking at the wine’s color is very simple. You just have to compare the usual color of wines from the wine you are drinking. Red wines must not be brown or darker than they usually are. Also, the white wines must be white and not brown also.

3. Gas bubbles in wines when it is not supposed to sparkle.

  • Usually, wine does have bubbles when you pour it. But what if the wine still has bubbles even if you have poured it in a wine glass for a while? If this happens, then the wine you are drinking is spoiled. An exemption for a wine to have a gas bubble is when the wine you have is a sparkling wine variety. But if not then it is probably spoiled.